Plover Projects

Plover Projects is the collaboration between American artist Christopher Hagen and Australian artist Claudia Husband.

Plover Projects encapsulates Christopher and Claudia’s printmaking studio Grey Hand Press; textile studio Tawny Threads and collaborative projects  between their respective practices. Christopher and Claudia have been collaborating since 2013 when they both attended the Tamarind Institute of Lithography in Albuquerque, USA.

Based in Brisbane, Christopher and Claudia work together to run workshops in printmaking under their publishing studio Grey Hand Press, which collaborates with artists to produce print-based works. Grey Hand Press specialises in lithography, intaglio and book arts; and teaches classes in relief, intaglio and planographic processes.

Their textile studio Tawny Threads focuses on producing unique fabric prints and designs, as well as natural dyeing and weaving techniques. Christopher and Claudia run workshops in fabric dyeing and weaving through the Tawny Threads Studio.